Meet us...the FUSE team

- Great things are never done by a single person. They are done by a team of people -

The Teams

The mentors

The leading force behind the involvement into robotics is the openness towards novelty, creativity and especially the development of the STEM projects. As a curious, enthusiastic and extremely dedicated persons, we have always been passionate with involving in challenging and demanding activities.

Hr & Resources

It implies the values, visions, working language, systems and habits of a group who work together. A good human resources responsible develops and manages their team’s culture.

Hardware & programming

We use our STEM abilities to give the robot a soul and a body. Thanks to the a great coordination and knowledge of different mechanisms we are constantly acheiving efficient sollutions.

marketing & pr

We represent the marketing department and we are the ones who are behind all the Instagram and Facebook posts and also we try to find as many sponsors as possible so that we can make the best robot that we can!

Toma Chiruta - Project Manager
Darie Petcu - Mentor
David Baciu - Mentor


Geambec Oana Andreea Marketing

I am passionate about my work and an excellent communicator and I wanted to join the Fuse Team to improve my abilities in terms of team working. I am ambitious and driven and I know technology and robots have a major impact in our lives. I am sure that I will experience many enthralling things along with my team and I look forward to that.

Razvan Chelaru Programming

With my passion for computer science I wish to work hard to achieve the team's common goal. I want to learn to be a better programmer and to experience working in a competitive environment, in which I can help the team overcome all the challenges to come.


Tudor Hutanu
Mihnea Ghitu
Matei Grosu
Radu Serseniuc
Mihai Fetecau
Daria Grigoras
Caterina Rugina

Cezara Joldescu

Sabina Cojocaru

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