The FUSE talk...

Besides working passionately on the actual construction of our robot, we have been trying to promote the FIRST values, while making sure that more and more teenagers become aware of the STEM concepts and how they can transfer them into real-world applications.

USA Embassy

In celebration of Independence Day, the USA embassy organized an event comprising the most significant results of their collaboration with Romania. Our country is an ambassador of technology and innovation; thus, they saw fit to invite us and our robots to take part at the event (USA is FIRST’s birthplace), among other very impressive projects and prestigious people, including ROSA and NASA, and Dumitru Prunariu and Anna Fisher (Romanian and USA space agencies and astronauts). We believe that this is to show the recognition of our work and impact in the academic and technological fields.

TVR Iasi

We were fortunate enough to be able to give a live representation on the TVR channel, explaining all about how our robot works. We also talked about the team, what each end every one of us does, making sure to cover all aspects, such as mechanics, programming, 3D design and marketing.

Ziarul de Iasi

What we consider one of our biggest achievements as far as the Marketing and PR branch goes, we are extremely proud to say that one of the most influential newspapers in Romania wrote about the Fuse team, our accomplishments and what we had overcome this year.

We were on the radio...

Viva FM

First time being on AIR was along Radio Viva FM, where we had the chance to explain what we do as a robotics team. We also talked about how we, a group of  passionate 18 and 17-year olds became one of the best FTC competitors in Romania.

Radio Romania IASI

After being in the Winning Alliance in the National FTC Competition we did an interview at a local Radio Station. This time we talked about what happened at the tournament held in Bucharest, winning, but also where we went wrong in the contest and finally our future goals.

FUSE Games

      The first real Fuse-event, “FUSE GAMES”, successfully took place in Palas Mall, Iași, Romani. We have invited two other teams: Cyliis and BrickBot and we have organized together with a number of robot representations and some competitions. The participants, 34 kids, and teenagers were involved in a Treasure Hunt where they had to find the parts for the chassis in the shortest time and then rebuild it. Moreover, there was an obstacle race that used our mini-robot and finally those who gained the highest scores in the first three tests had the chance to compete against each other by leading the three main robots of the teams. 2760 people admired the demonstrative matches, all of whom we informed about our passion for STEM concepts and the First Tech Challenge.

     We ended up being more than proud that our passion reached the heart of others who will, eventually, spread a word about how the robotic community is evolving in Romania.

     FUSE is not a team because we all work together. FUSE is a team because we respect, trust and care for each other and our local robotics community. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you AND THAT’S WHAT WE DO! We take energy from passion, creativity, and ingenuity and turn them into projects-FUSE EVENTS.      


   We tought it was best for the teams we would invite to our demo to get the chance to embrace the spirit of the oldest university in our country, Alexandru Ioan Cuza University. “Sala pasilor pierduti” was the ideal place for this event; in this way, we managed to combine the poetry of our national history with our greatest passion: robotics.

    We made an online registration form in the first week of December and we let other teams know they could sign up until 31st of December. We were glad to notice a great response even from the first days after we’ve made this form public. Unintentionally, there were 19 teams that came in Iasi for our demo and exactly 19 wall paintings in Sala pasilor pierduti, this hall of 300m2 being recognised by the art of Sabin Balasa. We adapted this whole place in order to organize a robotics competition within days before the demo with the help of the university’s staff; people there understood that we were busy and they let us stay up late to organize every detail. And we thank them for all!

    In the end, we realised we’re getting older and older. We drove our cars when unexpected situations came up in our program, we worked and laughed together at the end of the day when we cleaned everything in less than an hour. Most importantly, we valued each other in that exact moment realizing what we became: from just one team, a large group of friends that would now represent two other schools in comparison to the “Rover-Ruckus Season”.

Reaching other students

"Dimitrie Leonida" Technical College, Iasi

This was our opportunity to talk about our interests in mechanics and programming with students that focus their education in these exact fields.

Varlaam Highschool

Starting with only a presentation of the FTC competition and our robot so many people seemed extremely fascinated by what we do.

National College Iasi

Probably one of the biggest audiences we have ever had, about 100 highschool students, this was our oportunity to recrute new members for the next season of FTC.

"Mihai Eminescu" Theoretical Highschool, Iasi

The first presentation we did was one of the best ones. Everybody was very excited and seamed interested in what we do. As a lot of students asked then to be apart of the Fuse team, we are hoping to build a dedicated, separate team for this highschool next year.

"Junior" School

Thanks to the “Fuse talk”  campaign we were able to talk in front of a considerable number of Elementary School students where we explained a bit of what 3D design is and also spoke about how important it is to try and implement the STEM concepts in today’s society. Everybody seamed eager to drive the robot saying that they can’t wait until being old enough to be part of such a robotics team.


"Costache Negruzzi" College

We are proud to say that the team was invited to be part of the “Science Week ’19”. We were all extremely happy to see so many interested people, both in Highschool and Middle school that also had some previous experience with the STEM activities, each and every one of them being a  potential asset to the team.

Technical College of Electronics and Telecommunications, Iasi

Another amazing day for “Fuse talk”, we were able to talk to some students helping them come closer in finding a career path along the STEM fields, as they found all we talked about, from the engineering part to the programming of the robot extremely interesting.

"Dimitrie Cantemir" Theoretical High School

All the Highschool students were amazed by everything that our robot is able to do. What surprised us were the complex questions that we got asked by everybody who wanted to understand the building of the robot.

Technical University "Gheorghe Asachi"

We were fortunate enough to have our own tent, as we participated in this year’s Open Gates Day. This was our opportunity to talk to older students who share our interests in the STEM concepts.

The future...

We truly believe that robotics holds the future of our society, this is the reason why we try our best to help kids and teenagers to understand how important STEM applications are. As we made “Fuse talk” possible we would also like to thank the schools that invited us to hold the presentation as well as the radio stations, tv channels and newspapers who took an interest in what we do.